Bitgert is a blockchain that brags of being the world’s first ever zero cost gas free! The validators of the blockchain are scattered globally. Hence there’s no monopoly by any geographical user base. Truly decentralised. Or it seems for now! The Bitgert ecosystem has a super fast blockchain with 100 plus TPS and its project spans across DeFi, NFTs and everything that’s emerging in the crypto slash metaverse space. Bitgert has also created a wallet that supports Android & iOS.

Now, what basically is bitgert and how it started?

Bitgert is based on Binance blockchain and they claim that they are a near-zero gas transaction fees blockchain in a few upcoming years with working as time is passing. their name was Bitrise from the start but for some reason, they rebranded it to bitgert. I checked the website and it’s pre-owned by someone so that could be a reason that they had to change it but it’s just a thought.

The Bitgert project started its journey in the summer of 2021, the whitepaper indicates that the platform was launched in July. This entire time the dev team worked anonymously, but it was announced that they are planning to reveal their identities when the time comes. So far, no specific deadlines have been published, but one thing remains certain – doxxing the team should positively affect the project’s reputation and the price of BRISE, since the move can lead to building trust from the crypto community and generating more interest among investors. In addition, according to the team, in the short term and before the exchange launch, Bitgert will be registered as a legal entity, presumably in the Cayman Islands.

Future Scope

Though Bitgert might be the next Ethereum, this is a project to watch. The past few weeks have seen a lot of developments in the Ethereum projects. The biggest developments have been around fixing the various limitations that Ethereum is struggling with.

Well for starters the amount of energy consumed while mining and transacting on a blockchain is directly responsible for carbon emission. This has a huge impact on climate. Which is why activists have been rallying to ban crypto. However crypto researchers have been working on genuine green tech to reduce the environmental damage it does. Bitgert seems to take a leaf from the climate action page. While Ethereum, the second most popular blockchain does 15 transactions a second with huge gas fees, Bitgert does a lightning fast 100,000 per second with its Brise chain with almost Zero gas fee that amounts to $0.00000001.

Products With Bitgert :

  1. Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support: by bitgert audit which is doing blockchain security.
  2. BRISE dApp Wallet: I’ve been using this and it’s not bad, still needs improvement and it’s growing every day. It’s multi-chain and available for android and apple.
  3. BRISE staking: It’s a program that allows brise holders to stake their brise tokens while they earn BNB in the form of BUSD as rewards.
  4. BRISE Swap: It’s an alternative to Pancakeswap, It is basically alive now on Binance smart chain and possibly will allow you to swap tokens and coins between cross-chain in future.
  5. Bitgert Bridge: This is definitely here to help us transfer our assets from BSC Mainnet to Bitgert Chain. hopefully, soon it will be working properly.

Additional Features :

  1. Constant collaborations with different chains to have cross chain compatibility in future developments of bitgert ecosystem.
  2. Bringing +10 top ten wrapped coins on brise chain with the launch after the beta ends.
  3. Bringing knitFinance as DeFi projects and sphynx labs as a DEX project.
  4. Studio start-up: Simply allows external projects to raise funds with BRC20 tokens which basically hold value and can be transferable.
  5. Centcex is also another token from bitgert on the Binance chain. think of the possibility with another crypto project that is also working on making its own exchange. growth is slow but the initialization process just started a year ago.

Staking rewards and transaction fees

Why? well BNB rewards are so less and work so slow. by now I have staked my few coins for about one and a half months but still I only have a few cents. this is ridiculous after the fact that you won’t be able to take back your staked coins before the committed time.

The transaction fees: Bitgert asks around 12% Transaction Fee (5% Buyback, 3% Marketing, 4% BUSD Distribution to Stakers)

If you are thinking of investing in Bitgert then I would suggest you do your research and while you start with that, here’s the link to the whitepaper of Bitgert.

As of April 2022, users can buy BRISE tokens at several platforms like Gate.ioPancakeSwap (V2)MEXCHotbit among other CEXs and DEXs.

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