Cheems Inu is a BSC token combining Memes & Crypto to bring both LOLs and money to the masses of the internet. The main aim is to offer the one-stop-shop for all meme token developers and investors on the blockchain. Cheems Inu will also be the home of Meme Tools with an expected launch of Q1 2022.

Meme Tools will bring the Crypto Meme community together, and will provide an informative platform to new investors on meme tokens available on the platform. For the first time, token developers and teams will have the ability to target a specific audience that love meme tokens. The Meme Tools platform will benefit the Cheems Inu ecosystem and its investors through burn/staking mechanisms.

The project proposes combining memes, games, and utility into a complete crypto project.

  • Cheems Inu will be incorporating the token and NFTs into an upcoming cross chain MetaVerse game. Similar to a Grand Theft Auto / Monopoly style game.
  • This game will incorporate many Play 2 Earn components and in order to participate in many of them, you will need an NFT MINT PASS. This NFT Mint Pass will allow you to own/operate a business within the metaverse in order to earn a passive income!

MemeTools Coming Soon

Its site MEMETOOLS is supposed to have everything meme token-related, whether that is meme token listings, charts or educational material. The launch date of MEMETOOLs is even more vague, with it expected to go live sometime this quarter. CINU, the token, was apparently designed to power this platform. Meme tokens could pay for advertisements on MEMETOOLS, promoting the token and gaining exposure to the platform’s userbase.

Cheems Inu coin will be launching their MemeTools and a metaverse game in the coming months. The crypto currency launched last month on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a dog-based meme coin. Since then, the development team stated they have worked hard to create utility and value for the token. The community has responded and pushed Cheems Inu to an all-time high of 60 million (USD) market cap with over 40 thousand individual holders.

The Cheems Inu team believes they can combine the lighthearted fun of a meme token with utility and function to build a strong crypto project. The team’s vision is to inspire and educate their base about blockchain technology and create wealth and liquidity for a new generation of investors.

MemeTools Development on Schedule

Part one in this plan is already in development and involves creating a universal hub for meme token listings, charts, and educational material. This site, known as MemeTools, will be operational in its initial version during Q1 2022. Later in 2022, a swap functionality called CheemSwap will be added.

Besides the exposure that will come from being listed on the Cheems Inu MemeTools site, token developers and advertisers will be able to utilize ad space across the platform. All ads and fees will be paid for in Cheems Inu tokens, of which half will be burnt, and half will be added to rewards supply for future staking plans.

Cheems Inu Joins the Metaverse

Part two of the dev team’s plans was announced on December 30, 2021. Cheems Inu is teaming up with several other projects on BSC and Ethereum to create a metaverse game titled Metapolis. This play-to-earn game will take place in a huge open world virtual city, where users will compete to accumulate property, wealth, and fame. 

Cheems Inu holders will control the “downtown” area of Metapolis. Land sales (in the form of Cheemsburger Business Licenses) have now begun. As of writing, 26% of the available spots were sold within 10 hours of being available. Cheems Inu holders are excited to be a part of the metaverse, the future of gaming.

The Cheemsburger Licenses will offer passive income to anyone holding one. The license gives them a lease in a building in downtown Metapolis and a chance to make more money in the metaverse. Businesses will be offered support setting up and with integration into online and real-world markets. All business services and products will exist in the form of liquidized Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), meaning users can always sell them even when there is no direct buyer. This is part of the economic system being developed in partnership with other teams in the Metapolis.

MemeTools and CheemSwap will have physical locations in the metaverse where users can interact with them in virtual reality. Their use will be integral to success in the Metapolis ecosystem and aim to bring further exposure and token burns to Cheems Inu. This is not only a game, but an engine designed to bring wealth to those who master it.

Cheems Inu Tokenomics Breakdown

  • Total Supply: 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 4,541,200,004,955,580,000,000
  • Maximum Wallet Size: 3% of the total supply
  • Taxes: 10% Buy and 15% Sell
  • Cheems White Paper

50% of the taxes go towards an automatic burn function where the allotted tokens get permanently deleted from the supply. The rest of the tax goes towards marketing and liquidity.

For more information about Cheems Inu, visit the following links:

If you would like to know where to buy Cheems Inu, the top cryptocurrency exchange for trading in Cheems Inu stock is currently PancakeSwap (V2).

Hotbit also a good platform to invest into this crypto.

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